Photo (c) Flourish Collaborative

Photo (c) Flourish Collaborative

Maggie Hayes first discovered yoga through a VHS tape that her dad showed her when she was 12. Though her practice began as physical and mental cross-training as a competitive swimmer, it has now become what is sure to be a lifelong passion of movement, exploration, and healing. Yoga and breathwork have created a thread of sanity, deep self-knowledge, clarity and creative expansion throughout her daily life and she hopes to continue to broadly share these modalities with others. She began teaching in 2010 after completing her 200 hr training at the Costa Rica Yoga Spa (through Ashley Ludman of Seaside Yoga) and took further intensive training through Tara Stiles and Mike Taylor at Strala Yoga in NYC in 2015. She most recently completed a Breakthrough Breathwork training to facilitate the technique and has just relocated to Brooklyn from Savannah, GA.

Maggie is on instagram! Find her at @maggiehayesart or feel free to use the contact form on the site with any questions or just to say hi. <3

Private (1-2 people)  60 mins/ 75 mins  $75/ $90

Private (1-2 people)

60 mins/ 75 mins

$75/ $90

Private Yoga Instruction

For one to two persons interested in guidance through a yoga practice. This session can happen just once or may be booked continuously as a weekly or biweekly practice catered to your schedule and space. Whether your motivation is for total relaxation and stress relief, fitness, weight loss, flexibility, strengthening, injury recovery, mental clarity or simply advancing and fine-tuning your asana practice, we will work with your individual goals while also learning and experiencing principles of natural movement to create more ease, grace and strength in the body, mind, and spirit. 

Group (3-20 people)  60 mins/ 75 mins  $85/ $125

Group (3-20 people)

60 mins/ 75 mins

$85/ $125

Personal Practice Consultation  2 hrs  $150

Personal Practice Consultation

2 hrs


1:1 Breakthrough Breathwork  90 mins- 2 hrs  $125-150

1:1 Breakthrough Breathwork

90 mins- 2 hrs


Any fees associated with workshops will be determined on a case by case basis. Feel free to use the  contact  form or email me with any questions or details at:

Any fees associated with workshops will be determined on a case by case basis. Feel free to use the contact form or email me with any questions or details at:

Group Yoga Instruction

Bring your friends, employees, or clients together for a yoga session designed for a group. With the same individualized approach as a private, but catering to more people, this is an ideal option for businesses, wedding parties, or small forums who wish to incorporate yoga in their offerings or special event. 

There is no actual upper limit to group size, but the fee for instruction may be adjusted depending on circumstance, or if requiring a paid assistant or any special demands. Travel expenses may also apply for sessions taking place outside of local area of greater NYC (or when available, Savannah, Georgia). 


Personal Practice Consultation

For the self-motivated individual seeking guidance with formulating a sequence to fit their personal goals, body, and schedule, but who is not looking for regular private instruction. We'll work together in a two-hour session to fine-tune movements through any desired elements of postures, breath work, core strengthening, and meditation and build a written structure to follow and continue to experiment with on your own. The session is longer than a normal private session to allow for open dialogue and discussion and active "workshopping" throughout the time. You will leave the session with confidence to continue self-directed practice whether your desired length of practice is ten minutes or ninety. This is ideal for someone traveling and seeking to continue their studio practice on their own, someone with a specific physical issue they are trying to work on, someone bored with their current home practice or perfect for the total beginner that wants to start off right.



GROUP BREATHWORK with Maggie is offered the second Saturday of each month at Revolution Yoga in Savannah, GA on a sliding scale $20-50

Breakthrough breathwork is a practice using the activation of your breath without pause between inhale and exhale to move energy that is being stored in the cells of the body. The breath serves as a thread through our lives that connects past to present and allows us to have access to the emotional body as well as the physical body simultaneously. Often in our daily lives, we are acting and reacting in unconscious patterns. These patterns sometimes work in our favor but sometimes our most ingrained behavioral habits stunt our growth and sabotage our best efforts. If you've ever thought, "Why does this keep happening?", you might have an unconscious pattern at work against you. These behaviors are often learned and reinforced through our childhoods and through parental influence, but can also be reactions to experiencing traumatic events or even the traumas experienced by preceding generations. At the very least, this breath work offers a way to experience more presence and deeper mind-body connectivity, but it also holds the potential to uncover and unbind us from hidden habitual responses, while making space for transformation, rewiring, and recovery from trauma. 


Movement and Yoga Workshops

Workshops can be tailor-made for an afternoon, a weekend, or in its original form as an 8 part series of classes. This material is ideal for theater and performance groups, athletes and sports teams, yogis, bankers, lawyers, artists and everyone in between. Based on studied principles of natural and expressive movement, workshops are built around coming to physically observe, understand, and then release patterns of holding tension and stress in the body. This is done through simple exercises as well as yoga postures and sequencing to bring awareness and vibrancy to even our most mundane actions. By understanding where we are moving with too much or too little structure, we can allow the body's natural grace, generosity and agility, to shine its brightest through how we perform, compete, make love, work, express, feel, and ultimately how we live.

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